Eversafe CO2 System


Product Description

Eversafe CO2 is a clean and efficient fire extinguisher agent. It is colorless, non conductive and non corrosive inert gas which evaporates without leaving any residue after discharge. Eversafe CO2 works by smothering the flames and reducing the oxygen content in the vapor phase of fuel and both in the air to the point where the combustion stops.

Eversafe CO2 system can be controlled and activated by manual mechanical trigger systems or by automatic fire detection system. The system distribution piping design is base on computer aided hydraulic calculation which will give the pressure loss in line, correct pipe size, complete discharge time and discharge nozzle orifice size selection.

– Hassle Free
– No Residue
– Colorless, Non Conductive and Non Corrosive Inert Gas

– Telecommunication Facilities
– Power Generation Transmission & Distribution Facilities
– Archives, Data Bank & Industrial Application