MS1539 – Corrosion Resistant Stored Pressure Portable Water Fire Extinguisher


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Product Description

Water: Water extinguisher is used for Class A fire involving carbonaceous materials such as wood, paper and textiles by cooling the fire and removing the heat needed for combustion. Water spray provides better wetting action that penetrates underlying burning materials and assist in reducing heat.

  • Colour coded self adhesive band (complies to BS381 ref:166)
  • Stainless Steel Neck Ring, Squeeze Lever and Bottom Handle
  • External Body Coated with Epoxy Marine Paint System
  • Squeeze Grip Head Cap Body (Nickle Chromed)
  • Reinforced Synthetic Rubber Hose
  • Maintenance Record Tag
  • High Performance
Type Stored Pressure Type
Extinguishant Water
Capacity 9 liters
Propellant/Co2 Gas cartridge Nitrogen (N2)
Valve Controllable Chromed plate brass valve with pressure Indicator
Body Diameter 178mm
Overall Height 625mm
Approx. Full Weight 13.6kg
Working Temp. Range +5°C to + 60°C
Working Pressure 12 Bar (175 PSI)
Test Pressure 25Bar (362 PSI)
Burst Pressure Exceeds 69 Bar (1000 PSI)
Approx Discharge Range 6m
Approx Discharge Time 66 sec
Fire Rating 13A
Fire Class A
Cylinder Lining Thermoplastic Powder Coating (PPA)
External Coating Epoxy Marine Paint System over Sandblasted Body
Paint Finishing Polyurethane Coating (Signal Red-RAL 3000)
Mounting Metal ‘L’ Wall Bracket
Manufactured & Certified to MS 1539 : Part 1 : 2002